Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What makes a girl happy?

When she gets what she wanted. Plus, she'll be super duper happy when she gets what other girls always dream about.


What makes a woman happy?

When she is having a husband that makes her feel perfect. All woman hope for this. Quit a number of women decided not to marry. I think they just couldn't find the answer for this question:

Is there a guy that is kind & sincere enough? Responsible?

Ada lagi ke laki2 yg baik dan ikhlas skrg ni? Boleh ke bertanggungjwb?

Hei women, u r keep asking this question. Don't u think men do the same? Keep asking this:

Is there a woman that is kind hearted and sincere to me? During joy and hard time?

Ada lagi ke wanita yg baik dan ikhlas? Setia masa susah dan sng?

I think, if they found a woman that they wanted, they are willing to do anything for her. So woman, just love yourself and be sincere to your self. Make-up doesn't make u look good all the time.

Allah promised that for every man, there will be a woman n vice versa. Don't worry, be happy!

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